Ice cream from Buyten- Sorbet "Pear with apple" (550 ml)

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Comes ice cold and you have at least 1 hour to transport it.

The Ice cream from Buyten is made from real fruit and real flavors without the addition of synthetic aromas or dyes. This is a really refreshing friendly taste. It is made with the Haarlem "Apple Juice from Grandpa" combined with pear and lime.

The basis of all the sorbet ice cream is a sugar syrup that is lovingly prepared in your own ice cream kitchen. It has been chosen to use Dutch beet sugar. Some of the sugar has been replaced by natural fibre and maltodextrin. As a result, the ice cream is 10-15% less sweet.

Base: water, lemon juice, sugar, grape sugar, maltodextrin (made from corn), inulin (of chicory root), bamboo fiber, polydextrose, natural binder: pectin, emulsifier E471.
Taste: pear, apple, lime.